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“Just don’t tie me, drape me” – Saree

Priya Agarwal who has her wardrobe full of sarees just after the marriage was in pressure as she was not confident of wearing the saree. One of her friend asked her to join Mayuri saree draping tutorials / classes.

Two hours after arriving at the class in Thakur Complex in suburban Mumbai, Ms. Priya, who is from Kolkatta, had learnt how to tuck, pleat and pin her sari up neatly in a signature style.

Ms. Priya says she needed to learn how to drape the garment herself because after she got married her mother isn’t be available to tie it for her.

Saree Image

“I don’t want to bother someone to help me drape a sari every second day or spend money doing it,” said Ms. Priya. In India, married women are expected to wear a sari on formal occasions such as family gatherings and weddings.

Her teacher, Mayuri Biyani, a 30-year-old freelance saree draper and a Bollywood fashion stylist, has been in the business for quite some time and have taught more than 500 students individually and lot more in group sessions.

She says “We started Saree Draping course as an experiment but to our surprise we got an overwhelming response. In less than a year, we have achieved to serve 500 satisfied clients and helped to contribute towards society by promoting our own Indian culture and tradition.

We are feeling proud of our achievement and we thank to all our members for making this a great great SUCCESS”

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