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“Just don’t tie me, drape me” – Saree

Priya Agarwal who has her wardrobe full of sarees just after the marriage was in pressure as she was not confident of wearing the saree. One of her friend asked her to join Mayuri saree draping tutorials / classes.

Two hours after arriving at the class in Thakur Complex in suburban Mumbai, Ms. Priya, who is from Kolkatta, had learnt how to tuck, pleat and pin her sari up neatly in a signature style.

Ms. Priya says she needed to learn how to drape the garment herself because after she got married her mother isn’t be available to tie it for her.

Saree Image

“I don’t want to bother someone to help me drape a sari every second day or spend money doing it,” said Ms. Priya. In India, married women are expected to wear a sari on formal occasions such as family gatherings and weddings.

Her teacher, Mayuri Biyani, a 30-year-old freelance saree draper and a Bollywood fashion stylist, has been in the business for quite some time and have taught more than 500 students individually and lot more in group sessions.

She says “We started Saree Draping course as an experiment but to our surprise we got an overwhelming response. In less than a year, we have achieved to serve 500 satisfied clients and helped to contribute towards society by promoting our own Indian culture and tradition.

We are feeling proud of our achievement and we thank to all our members for making this a great great SUCCESS”

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5 tips for draping a saree by yourself

Saree DrapingGone are those days when Saree was looked upon as an orthodox / traditional old fashioned garment. With a modern touch to saree as we usually see in the Bollywood movies, the youth is getting attracted towards our old tradition but packaged in a new avatar.  Many young girls wish they could just drape a saree like Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani but struggle as they don’t know the art of draping a saree. A saree can add gorgeousness, sensuality and elegance in a woman’s personality in worn properly. Hence, here we are with few tips to help your wear the saree in a right manner – 

1. The art of draping a saree starts with choosing a perfect saree for your body and skin tone. Many women ignore this and hence end up looking like disaster after draping a saree. Here are some tips for choosing the right saree for yourself

a. A woman with dark complexion should wear dark color sarees, for e.g Black, Brown, Violet, etc. Look for images for Bipasha Basu in saree and you can see for yourself that she normally wears a dark colored saree

b. If you are on a heavier side i.e. chubby woman, you should buy Georgette, Chiffon or Chignon sarees. These fabrics will stick to your body and will help you look slimmer. You should definitely avoid Silk sarees as they make you look heavy and fluffy.

c. If you are a women with short height, always wear saree with small borders and small prints..!! They will make you look slimmer. Dark colored sarees will suit you more

d. If you are Slim and Tall, you can wear sarees that have big border and big and bold print.

For other body types you can refer our fb page

2. Length of your saree should compliment with the heels you wish to wear, while draping a saree keep a check that bottom of saree should reach the floor. You can wear your heels and then drape else stand on your toes and wear it

3. You should choose your petticoat wisely. It should be till your ankles and make sure your legs aren’t visible at all. Your petticoat should not be too flared else it will add volume to your body and make you look fat.

4. Draping a saree tight will ensure that it stays in place for the long day ahead

5. Be careful while pinning your saree. Sometimes bigger pins on the shoulder gives a very clumsy look.

If you still find it difficult to drape a saree even after flooded tips on internet, don,t worry…now you can learn the art of saree draping from Mayuri who is a fashion stylist and has worked in several bollywood movies and TV advertisements. She offers 10 styles of draping a saree in her course which can be learnt either by enrolling in a workshop or by enrolling for a personal session. For more details you can visit her Facebook page at